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Meet Our Staff

Minnesota Waldorf School faculty members are a varied and dedicated group of individuals.

In addition to their formal training at a recognized Waldorf teacher training center, they bring their valuable life experience in fields outside of teaching, including art, music, business, theater, and sports. Many have also taught previously in the public school system or in other private schools.

In all Waldorf schools, a class teacher stays with the same group of children throughout their education—ideally from first through eighth grade—allowing the teacher to closely monitor each student’s academic performance and empower them to reach their full potential. The teachers’ knowledge of each student deepens throughout the years, putting them in the ideal position to contribute to the healthy intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of each child.

Through the challenge of teaching a new curriculum each year, class teachers are able to keep their teaching methods fresh and continue bringing intrigue and enthusiasm to their work. As students observe their teacher personalizing the world of knowledge, they grow in confidence that they, too, can master any subject before them.

Early Childhood
Grades Teachers
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