We are still excepting limited applications for next week's Holiday Fair.   If you are interested, please register here.


Be sure to make room on your Holiday shopping list for wares from our Artisan Marketplace.  Below is just a sampling of our over 30 vendors for 2018!

Against the Grain Architecture 
Materials have a story.
An object’s form influences our thoughts and actions.
My designs bring the story of wood into the life of your home.

Ames Farm
Ames Farm is nationally recognized for producing single source honey. Each jar of our honey has the location, hive number, and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in Minnesota. Explore a variety of our products online or find us at a co-op or store near you.

Amy's Stamp and Scrap
As a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator, I am one of those rare people who love what they do and get to share what they love. And I love stamping!  I’m here to be your creative coach, give you fun project ideas, share special offers, and, of course, teach you about fantastic stamping products. Send me an e-mail or give me a call; I look forward to helping you unleash your creativity!
Bare Honey
Blending 100% pure raw honey and simple spices, We have created spreadable honeys that are simply sweet, the way nature intended!
The Bohemian Loft
Honoring artistic expressions of inner joy & strength
Carolina Creations LLC
We are a small custom keepsake company we offer custom made holiday ornaments, coffee cups and so much more.


Community Homestead
Seven lifesharing households clustered around an organic dairy farm and large garden, a bakery, kitchen and woodshop, winter crafts and a rich social life. Forty people, all ages, and abilities, celebrating life together sustainably.

Everthine Jewelry
Each Everthine Jewelry piece is handmade in owner and artist Aisha Formanski’s studio, located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Her work includes hand stamped jewelry with messages, often secret with a little bit of edge. Formanski is known for her use of natural stones and detailed surface design and producing heirloom quality pieces, ideal for passing down from generation to generation.

Fusion De Maya - Handwovens
I care about creative individuality.
In keeping with my philosophy of making, all of my products are ONE-of-a-KIND designs.

Sewn gifts and handcraft accessories

Gifts Made By Hand
The designs and patterns of my products are derived from the Hmong culture and have symbolic meanings.My products are machine sewed and/or hand stitched using different stitching techniques, which include cross-stitching,long stitching,reverse appliqué and unique petite ink dying.

Jill Whitney-Birk Mixed Media
My work explores layers of memory/experience & focuses on women & their traditional vs. non-traditional roles, power & vulnerability.  With a strong sense of nostalgia, I try to bring the viewer into the work through layers, hidden words, meanings & humor.  I hope that each person who takes in my work will come away with their own intimate connection to it.

Kaleidoscope Kitty
Christine is primarily a self taught artist with a natural interest in color, movement, and perfection. This has driven her to continue her craft, working to explore other mediums and types of art. Jewelry continues to be her passion. Crafting each piece to highlight the recipient’s own individuality and features, she buys her stones from the source as often as possible and hand-picks the elements she uses.

little ren creations/ Mezame Designs 
Comfortable things for lovely moments..

LulaRoe Erin Hatzung
I was introduced to LulaRoe in January 2016 and have since fallen in love with this brand and its mission; through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth. I look forward to the opportunity to help others feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful with LulaRoe’s clothing line.

Maps and Scraps 
We create unique handmade items from upcycled materials.

Marigold Way/Red Persimmon LLC
Marigold Travels is a Socially Conscious Travel company specializing in intimate small group tours focusing on the textiles, crafts and culture of India.  Red Persimmon is a Fair Trade Nomadic Shop focusing on Women's Empowerment and Textile Traditions.

Mini Pomme 
Mini Pomme is the newest project from artist Erika Olson Gross. These toys and other children's goods are hand crafted in small quantities with great care and attention to quality in Minneapolis, Minnesota (The "Mini Apple" as some like to call it). Erika works in her beloved home town in a cozy studio attached to her home. Each toy is made entirely by her...although she often consults her three  boys (ranging in age from 4-12) on matters of style and design.

Mommy's Craft Basket
Tired of not being able to find dolls for her daughter that actually felt like they could be loved, Michelle Williams was thrilled to discover the patterns of Weir Dolls and Crafts.

That first doll was the start of something, as Michelle discovered that each Waldorf-inspired doll offered her an opportunity to see a child smile.  A small craft fair at her daughter's Waldorf school led to an Etsy shop, and eventually to the site you see here.

Discovering other "old fashioned" arts, Michelle has added peg people, baby booties, and handmade soaps to her basket.

I love meeting new people & educating others on how easy it is to be green, keep their homes clean without the toxic chemicals,& be better stewards of our environment! I have been with Norwex Enviro Products since October 2010. In that time,I have been promoted 3 times to my current position as an Executive Sales Leader. I have my Masters degree in Education & enjoy teaching others about Norwex’s non-toxic cleaning system as an alternative to conventional cleaning methods. Educating others is truly a passion that comes naturally for me!

raven ivory  |  photography & filmsI am a storyteller first. A photographer second.

Birth is some of the most incredible work our bodies will ever do.

The footage I create is like your trophy - a celebration and evidence of your greatest accomplishment.

Because giving birth is about more than the sweet baby you'll be holding. It is also about your journey. The strength, the resilience, the love. 

Rum River Metals
Jewelry · Metal Ware

Sassy Knitwear
Besides the obvious spirited design and great material selection, Sassy Knitwear really is about change. It is time to change the way you think about business, shopping and community. No more do we have to accept clothing made overseas in questionable working conditions with compromised materials. As a matter of fact, why even wonder at all.

Shelly Thrall Jewelry 

Shepherd's Bay Farm 
Welcome to Shepherd’s Bay, home to a diverse flock of fiber-bearing animals nurtured and RAISED to provide wool for knitters, hand-spinners, weavers and crafters.
Our Shetland and Shetland crossbred sheep produce fine, soft fleeces ranging in color from white to black, with myriad shades of cream, fawn, brown, and gray in between.  Known for its luster, strength and warmth, this premium quality wool is perfect for hand-spinning and makes an ideal knitting yarn.

Spicy Girl Sauces
Spicy Girl Sauce/Marinade has a unique blend of citrus, peppers & spices. We also have a nice HOT Salsa Verde & Spice Rub.

Starburst Arts
Starburst Arts is a full scale children's entertainment company; collaborating with over 20 artists throughout the Twin Cities who are acclaimed for their talents and passion in artistry and entertainment.  Although we specialize in working with children, we provide entertainment for all ages! We offer a large range of services including but not limited to: Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Glitter Tattoos, Airbrush Tattoos and more!


Traveling Tomten
Wool crafts for decor and play, handmade by Jen. Made from 100% wool sourced from small farms and independent businesses

Wonder & Twine
Decor to bring inspiration to your home.

Yellow Feather Studios
Prints and cards; possible clothing items or accessories; eye pillows

We look forward to seeing you next weekend!