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Education for the Whole Self

The power of learning is realized when students are invited to do more than just study and memorize, but to also have new experiences. 

Everyday at Minnesota Waldorf School, we seek to inspire and nurture every student’s innate desire to learn and sense of wonder in order to educate your child intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In doing so, we set every student up to be critical thinkers, leaders, and intellectual risk-takers throughout their lives.

Honoring childhood, every step of the way.

Picture a school where your child is met with care, love, and stability. A school where your child can experience the true magic and wonder of their childhood.  At MWS, your child’s uniqueness will be embraced as they learn through movement, art and music. Using their mind and their body to create deep, meaningful connections to all they are learning. 

The low-tech approach to learning

At MWS, screen-free learning  envelops our classrooms full of beautiful chalkboard drawings and resonates with the sounds of beautiful folk stories from around the world, told from the heart. 

Technology is a tool that students are taught to use only when they have gained confidence in their critical thinking skills through our digital citizenship curriculum. 

Witness the magic of Waldorf Education through your own eyes with a personal tour of our school.

Spending time outside, every day.

Nature is a child’s playground. From gardening in the spring to sledding and skiing in the winter, your child will spend an impressive amount of time outside, taking in all Nature has to offer.

Our Mission

Minnesota Waldorf School nurtures children’s highest capacities of thinking, feeling and willing by cultivating a sense of truth, the power of imagination, and a feeling of responsibility for themselves and the world around them.

Minnesota Waldorf Celebrates the 100th Birthday of Waldorf Education!