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Mikae Mailloux

Mikae has been at the Minnesota Waldorf School for the past 2 years, assisting in Miss Raina’s Birch Tree classroom during the school year and leading the Preschool Camp program during the summer. She brings great warmth and enthusiasm, perspective and inclusion to childcare, having grown up in a household that was once a daycare itself!

Mikae continued to find herself in caretaking roles throughout her early to late adolescence, whether that be nannying for hometown families, volunteering her time and affection to foster babies, devotional service in hospice care, and addiction recovery work.

Not only does Mikae carry a wealth of knowledge from her studies of cross-cultural anthropology and transpersonal psychology, but she’s also been a proactive student of Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf education since 2017 — when she attended a lecture on “Star Wisdom” at our sister school, City of Lakes. Mikae holds a BFA in English Literature and Creative Writing, with an emphasis on Poetry. She is an accredited practitioner of Children’s Mindfulness Meditation & Breathwork (through the Little Flower Yoga initiative), offering insight derived from the ancient eastern sciences of Ayurveda, Jyotish, & Ashtanga Yoga.

Mikae can be found searching for agates by the river, tending culinary herbs in the garden, and writing poems, songs, or little stories for the children. She’s undertaking a study of Forest School education this coming Autumn, and continues a parallel study of Emmi Pikler’s, “The Pikler Approach” since 2022.

“The greatest gift we can afford our children is the opportunity and allowance to be seen, heard, and loved for ALL that they are.”