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Gear Up For Good! Join Us for the 7th Annual MWS Bike-a-Thon!

Saturday, September 23, 2023 Como Park, Saint Paul, MN 10:00am-1:00pm

What Is the Annual Minnesota Waldorf School Bike-a-thon?
The annual Minnesota Waldorf School Bikeathon is a not-to-be missed event
bringing children, parents, alums, and community together in a fun-filled day to
raise funds for our school. Students obtain financial pledges from families and
friends by doing laps around Lake Como. Pledges are made as a lump sum or based upon number of laps completed.

Fun-Raising Goals!
This day is about more than wheels; it’s about unity and shared purpose as we strengthen our Waldorf family. Your contributions hold the key to unlocking inspiring incentives, listed below, for our dedicated students. Your support transforms dreams into realities! Help us reach our fundraising goals!

$8,000: Ice cream party, sponsored by Dars Double Scoop
$10,000: $10,000 New sleds for the play yards.


How Can You Participate?

Ride your bike. Ride your trike. Ride your unicycle. Walk. 
You can be in kindergarten, or first grade through eighth
grade or a baby on your parent’s back. 
Volunteer! Sign up here: SignUpGenius

What Is a Pledge and How Do I Do It?
A pledge is a sum of money you, your family, your friends, neighbors or others, contribute. You get to ride laps around Lake Como. With each lap, you earn money for
our school. Some students may collect $25 dollars; others
may collect hundreds of dollars. The goal is for you to collect whatever is comfortable for you and to just have fun!

Three ways to pledge:
All students must record pledges using our online pledge system or by hand. Pledge forms will be available at the front desk. 

1. Per Lap Pledge- based on how many laps you ride.
Ex. You plan to ride 10 laps. Your grandmother pledges
$5 a lap. Pledges are automatically paid once lap results are recorded. 

2. Lump Sum Pledge- someone pledges a specific
amount. Ex. You ask your uncle to support the school.
He says: “Here’s $20, no matter how many laps you do.”
We encourage you to collect donations at the time of the pledge.

Check-in: Begins at 9:45am (parking lot on the east side of the lake)
Stop at the registration table to pick up your t-shirt and make certain to sign your waiver. 
Participants can start anytime after 10:00am, and can continue until 1:00pm.
Please let us know how many laps you have completed before leaving!

• Bling your ride
• Bike tune-ups
• For each lap around the lake, you get a different colored yarn tied round your
-More TBA!

Refreshment Stations:
Snacks will be available and water bottles can be refilled at either of the 3 refreshment stations located along the bike trail.

Any questions or if you would like to help with the bike-a-thon, please contact Brian Guzik at imtheguz@gmail.com

Thank you to our Bike-A-Thon sponsor Turbo Tims!.