Special Subject Classes


Supporting Academics Through Creativity

Specialized teachers support and balance academic work through a diverse range of creative activities, including music, movement, world language, and the arts, including handwork, woodworking, clay sculpture, painting and drawing. Each grade's special subject curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of the children at a particular point in their development.


The melody and rhythm of music are known for their capacity to enhance brain development. Wooden flutes and recorder are taught in grades 1-8. All students begin a stringed instrument starting in 3rd grade. Choral training begins in 4th grade.

Visual Arts

Arts are a vital part of Waldorf education. All students begin working in the arts from grade 1 through 8.  Art curriculum includes media such as painting, drawing, woodwork and sculpture.

World Language

All students start stretching their minds early by studying French in grades 1 - 8.


Children explore practical arts such as knitting, crochet, hand and machine sewing and other fiber arts. Each grade’s handwork curriculum is designed to foster an aspect of development appropriate to the age of the child.


The importance of physical activity, and its relationship to successful learning and healthy childhood development is reinforced through our unique movement program that includes games, sports and eurythmy.