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Phone/Fax Numbers
Direct Line: 651-487-6700

Fax Number: 651-487-6800

Ext. Care Line (EC): 612-309-1663

Ext. Care Line (Grades): 763-200-3908

Mailing Address
Minnesota Waldorf School
70 East County Road B
St. Paul, MN  55117

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Director of Development, Ed Nelsen
651-487-6700 ext: 203

Enrollment and Outreach Coordinator, Lacey Griffin
651-487-6700 ext: 202

Business Manager, JoLynn Schulte
651-487-6700 ext: 205

Administrative Director,  Frances Kane
651-487-6700 ext. 206

Bookkeeper,  Denise Harrison
651-487-6700 ext: 200

Student Services Coordinator, Julia Weidner

Building Manager, Craig Wenberg
651-487-6700 ext: 208