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Welcome to the Minnesota Waldorf School community. Each of us has taken our own journey to arrive here. We all have our story and each story is knitted into the fabric of our community. We hope that you will find Minnesota Waldorf School a wonderful addition to your story.

Welcome to the MWS Parent Council, a place to make new friends, keep up with the old, learn new skills and make a positive impact on your child's education. The Parent Council consists of the parents and guardians of MWS students. So, if you have a child here, you are a member of Parent Council and are welcome to participate to whatever extent you desire.

The Parent Council serves as a facilitator to enhance parents’ communication within each of the classes, in the school community and with its governing bodies. We support parent initiatives and hold the community life of the school.

Parent Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and archives are posted in the Update.

The mission of the Parent Council is “to support and develop the well being of the Community”.

Here is a list of some of the groups that have come out of the Parent Council:

MWS Parent Handwork

Parent Handwork meets on Wednesdays from 8:30 am to noon in the Early Childhood Building. It is a drop-in group so there is no official membership. You may come on any given Wednesday as well as arrive or leave at any time.

The goal of Parent Handwork is to foster community in a guilt-free, nurturing environment. A space is carved out to allow the adult to pursue their creativity in the fellowship of others. As such, Parent Handwork is not a production crew or service club for the school, although volunteer opportunities may be presented at times and parents are certainly not disallowed to work on school-oriented projects during the meetings.

Most parents bring their own handwork project to do or come to learn a handwork technique, such as knitting, crocheting, felting, and needlework. Some parents merely come to socialize. Though attendees consist mainly of parents, everyone — grandparents, other relatives, and friends — are definitely welcome to join in; children can even come if accompanied by an adult.

Our meeting format is parent-driven. That is why it is mainly an open forum for working on personal projects and to discuss any topics on parents’ minds, often not limited to handwork matters, such as aspects of the Waldorf philosophy, media, child development issues, and one another’s experiences in their MWS journey. However, we do feature special programming if parents show an interest in particular topics. In the past, we have offered a formal lesson on animal needle-felting based on high parental interest; a parent once asked to teach others how to wet-felt; and another parent wanted to lead a discussion on simplicity parenting. In the future, Parent Handwork will morph into whatever parents want it to be.

Parent Handwork has also created a small library of books, pamphlets, and magazines that may be checked out throughout the year. Most publications have been donated, but some are loaned, to our Handwork Library.