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We Love Our Parents

Welcome to the Minnesota Waldorf School community.

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Each of us have our own stories and journeys that brought us here, and each individual story is sewn into the fabric of our community. We hope that you will find Minnesota Waldorf School a wonderful addition to your story.

The MWS Parent Council’s mission is “to support and develop the well being of the community.” It’s a place to make new friends, keep up with the old, learn new skills, and make a positive impact on your child’s education. The Parent Council consists of the parents and guardians of MWS students. So, if you have a child here, you are a member of the Parent Council and are welcome to participate to whatever extent you desire.

The Parent Council serves as a facilitator to enhance parents’ communication within each of the classes, in the school community and with its governing bodies. We support parent initiatives and hold the community life of the school.

Parent Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and archives are posted in the Update.