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Caitlin Reilly

Caitlin Reilly, she/hers

Ms. Reilly holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Ohio University, a Certificate in Physical Theater and Circus Arts from the Dell’Arte School of Theater, and a Certificate of Waldorf Education from Antioch University NE.

After a long career in the performing arts, she made the switch to Waldorf Education and hasn’t looked back since! She has taught extensively for other programs, including science and art-based programs in public schools and circus arts courses across the US and abroad. She has found that the Waldorf approach fits exactly right for her and for her family.

Ms. Reilly has traveled extensively, particularly in the United States and Asia. When she is home, she loves to garden, make art with her husband, enjoy the outside (hiking, biking, and skiing), and explore her new hometown of Minnapolis.