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Frances Kane

After being in Waldorf leadership roles for a few decades, Frances is excited to be back to her first love – teaching Handwork and now also Woodwork classes! With a background in art and being an alumni of the Hawthorn Valley Waldorf School in NY, returning to guiding the creative process with students is such a joy!

Frances was the administrative director at MWS from 2013-23. Before joining the school, she spent nine years as Leader of Association Administration for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). While with AWSNA, she was on the International Forum for Waldorf/Steiner Education with members from 30+ other countries, participating in the leadership for Waldorf education worldwide.

Her first roles in Waldorf education were at the City of Lakes WS where she taught handwork for eight years and was the administrative director for ten. 

Frances and her husband – a Waldorf art teacher – sent their two, now adult, sons to the City of Lakes Waldorf School. Her education includes art school, courses in administration and governance, and the ongoing educational experience of participating in educational leadership and leading school consultations and accreditations.