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Kit Canright

S. Lewis speaks of “nearness of approach” versus “nearness of proximity”, with the image of spiraling up a mountain; one’s journey may take them near the mountaintop many times before actually reaching there.  Kit’s journey to being a Waldorf grade school math specialist wound from a rural childhood spent raising sled dogs and traipsing through the woods to receiving a BS in Secondary Math Education from Northwestern University to 5 years as a high school math teacher to computer programming at 3M to being an at-home mom before finding her way to MWS, where she has been teaching and tutoring math for the last 20 years.  Figuring out how each child thinks and how to reach and inspire them are passions for Kit.

When she’s not teaching, you’ll find Kit busy with her family (both her daughters graduated from MWS), singing and dancing, gardening, hiking, cooking, and working on environmental issues.