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Parvati Scatena

Born in breathtakingly beautiful South Lake Tahoe on a very snowy day, Miss Parvati is a fifth generation Californian. As one of eight children, and a large extended family, she has a deep value of  family. After being classically  trained in Literature at the University of California, Davis, she immediately began teaching in a culturally diverse Sacramento, CA, high school where she taught English and served as an instructional coach for ten years. 


In 2013, recently  married, she relocated to Encinitas, CA, where she realized a long held wish to be trained as a Waldorf teacher. After completing her Waldorf Teaching Certification at The Waldorf Institute of Southern California, San Diego, and becoming a mom, the Waldorf School of San Diego invited her to teach High School Humanities.  She gladly served the community in this capacity while retaining her long-held hope of becoming an Early Childhood Teacher.

In 2020, Parvati and her family decided to relocate to Minneapolis for her son’s grades journey. She is glad to have made this move because it allowed her to find her way to Minnesota Waldorf School where she loves her students, her colleagues, and the opportunity to fulfill her dream of being  an Early Childhood Teacher. When Parvati is not busy knitting or crocheting, she loves to be outside–especially in a snow storm. She also loves spending time with her son and her crazy and zany doodles: Coffee and Bella. 

Currently training with Dr. Adam Blanning, Nancy Blanning, and Laurie Clark in Denver, CO, to better understand the deeper development needs of young children, she greatly enjoys the delight of a young child. She looks forward to each  time she lifts a silk to reveal a puppet show, and she never grows tired of the gleeful squeals and murmurs of young children joyfully taking in a new scene.