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Maechy Speak: The Art of Loving Ourselves

How can we set aside time in our busy lives to care for ourselves? Should we “self-care” once a week or every other day? If you ask my significant other, he will tell you quarterly is fine.
My response to him, you ask? I will self-care quarterly, if you will be ok with me cooking meals quarterly, needless to say, he is now a FIRM believer that daily self-care is the key to a happy family life.

The belief that one needs hours for self-care is a myth. After all, we are all busy, active people who spend most of our waking days caring for others. Self-care can be 5 minutes of sitting quietly, and focusing on one’s breath or going for a long walk. It involves practicing activities that prioritize our mental, emotional, and mental health such as getting enough rest, eating nutritious meals, drinking alkaline water, and seeking support. My team includes my older children, my son-in-law, and The Holy Land Mediterranean Eatery. Yes, your favorite restaurant can be a part of your team I have several. They even do dishes!

As for the concept of over-giving and self-sacrifice, many people struggle with putting others’ needs above their own well-being. This can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and emotional strain. It is essential for everyone to set boundaries, prioritize their needs, and practice self-care to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

My self-care routine includes talking to my plants because they are the only ones who truly listen, I also hold up an eraser for whoever is getting on my “Minerva,” asking them to “please move around.” As of recently, I added blogging to my routine.

So, unplug, lay in the sun, and read a few chapters without interruption all while sipping your favorite beverage.   YOU’VE EARNED IT!!

Love yourself, and remember, self-care enables you to better care for your loved ones, plus it makes us feel good.

Thank you,
Maechy 3/18

“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.”
~ Mary Dunbar

“Maechy, Speak,”  is a blog series written by MWS Parent Patricia Forestal-Ortiz. Patricia is mom to Earth, 7th grade, Elu, 6 th grade, Everliegh, 5th grade and grandma, AKA “Sugamama” to Kai, 2nd grade.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, guidance or just a positive pick-me-up, this blog has got you covered.  Patricia’s name holds a special connection to her maternal grandmother, Mercedes, affectionately known as Maechy. Through “Maechy, Speak,” Patricia honors her grandmother’s legacy and wisdom, carrying forth her spirit and teachings in a heartfelt tribute. Join Patricia Maechy Forestal-Ortiz every Monday starting March 11th for an incredible journey of growth, inspiration, and positivity along with a few tips on how to be the best version of you! Check it out and let your spirit soar!