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Maechy Speak: Building Self-Confidence and Becoming Independent During A Lunar Eclipse!

This week’s blog is a twofer. We will be discussing how the lunar eclipse in Libra, which is
happening on Monday, the 25th, can affect how we interact with our children and help them
build self-confidence and independence. Additionally, the Moon, Sun, and Mercury will be in
alignment during this event, which is quite amazing! (the effects will last for months)
This lunar eclipse is all about relationships and how it can bring changes, both positive and
negative. It will put the focus on what’s not working and what needs to end. But, wait! On the
positive, if the relationship is strong, it will make it more solid. The relationship can be with
your significant other, your co-workers, parents, children, ourselves, even food and electronics
anything that consumes our thoughts and hearts.

So, before anything else, take a good look at how you do things. What are your expectations?
Are you a perfectionist? How high is your bar? Sometimes “their best” is not “your best” you
must be ok with not having it done quite your way. What’s important is not how well it’s done,
but how your children feel while doing it. I also recommend not going down the “Oh when I was a kid”, road. The truth is, times have changed, what was good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. Anything that has any lasting value always has emotion and love attached to it. Along with a “WELL DONE”.

Create a doable plan, reflect and release old patterns, set intentions, and stick to it. In my
family, we even barter for tasks. IT WORKS! (most of the time) Helping our children create good patterns will make the road to self-sufficiency a more enjoyable process. 
make your life easier. Once you get that extra 30 minutes of “you time”, you will never want to
go back to micromanaging anything or anyone!
Thank you, and have a wonderful Spring Break! I will share more blogs in April.
Maechy 3/25

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

PS If communication is a struggle with your kiddo, I recommend waiting until after April, 8 th
(which is when we will have the Solar Eclipse, in Aries) to begin with the “how to become more
independent” talk.

“Maechy, Speak,”  is a blog series written by MWS Parent Patricia Forestal-Ortiz. Patricia is mom to Earth, 7th grade, Elu, 6 th grade, Everliegh, 5th grade and grandma, AKA “Sugamama” to Kai, 2nd grade.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, guidance or just a positive pick-me-up, this blog has got you covered.  Patricia’s name holds a special connection to her maternal grandmother, Mercedes, affectionately known as Maechy. Through “Maechy, Speak,” Patricia honors her grandmother’s legacy and wisdom, carrying forth her spirit and teachings in a heartfelt tribute. Join Patricia Maechy Forestal-Ortiz every Monday starting March 11th for an incredible journey of growth, inspiration, and positivity along with a few tips on how to be the best version of you! Check it out and let your spirit soar!