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Bike-A-Thon Returns!

My name is Brian Guzik, I have an 8th grader at Minnesota Waldorf School. I have been a part of this fundraising event since 2015, when my daughter CeCe was in 1st grade. That year, my wife Elenia and I did the fundraising with CeCe being included. We raised a couple hundred dollars from friends and relatives, mostly as lump-sums as we didn’t know how many loops CeCe would be able to manage on her small bike with training wheels. That year – she did ride 5 laps, for about 8 miles on her bike.

In 2016, I took a more active role, volunteering with setup/take-down and as part of the ‘green team’ – helping to ensure that the environmental impact was as minimal as possible. This would be a ‘zero-waste’ event with recycling and composting bins made available. After one year in the Twin Cities, our family had taken more advantage of the biking paths the Twin Cities had to offer. Goals for that year were 10 laps (without training wheels), and per-lap pledges (mostly $5 to $10 per lap) were gathered from a few more people. The weather was beautiful in the 60’s and sunny, and so many families came out. People did laps on bikes, unicycles (encouraged by our movement teacher), the surrey rentals available at the pavilion through Wheel Fun Rentals, and even running. CeCe exceeded her goal with 11 laps and the fundraising was a success!

2017 was similar to 2016, great weather, 11 more laps completed with a few hundred dollars raised for the school by CeCe. Sending thank you letters after the event to those making donations was a nice way to finish off the event. In 2018, the colder weather (low 40’s) did not stop anyone. I was in my 3rd year of helping out before, during, and after the event, and trying to keep up with my daughter. There were some very dedicated student out that year as well, with challenges to see who could get in the most laps. It was a close battle, and very impressive to see. CeCe ended up with 12 laps (20 miles!), her most ever – and was very happy to add to her yarn collection on her handlebars. Overall school fundraising totaled over $6,000 – an incredible achievement by the students, and very much appreciated by the school.

We are all looking forward to 2022. A few minor changes this year as the start/finish area is being relocated to the eastside of the lake (due to significant changes to our previous spot). Alumni from recent graduating classes are invited to attend, as they did not get to take part in their final years. This event will always be a great way to bring children, parents, alums, and community together in a fun-filled day to raise funds for our school. We are hoping for everyone to come out and have fun on September 24th. We look forward to seeing you out there!
The MWS Bike-a-thon is in its 6th year! It will return on Saturday, September 24th after three years of COVID cancellations and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it again this year! It will be held, as always, at Lake Como on the paved, 1.6mi bicycle path around the lake starting at 10am, and ending at 1pm. There will be an aid station at the halfway point with water and snacks (popcorn and bananas have been typical fare), and the start / finish will have a Bling-Station where different colored strands of yarn can be tied around your handlebars after each lap. There will be a tune-up station for mechanical issues, as well as some other snacks and coffee to be purchased. Be on the lookout for order forms for colorful $10 Bike-a-thon shirts!
-Brian Guzik (Bike-A-Thon Committee Chair)

How It Works

  • Bike a thon is not limited to two wheels, participants are invited to complete laps on anything!! Scooters, roller blades, tall bikes, short bikes be creative!
  • Your child collects pledges with your help from friends and family: share, email, post, door knock to get the word out. Donors will give any dollar amount they are willing to pay per lap completed around Como Park. 
  • Each lap completed will be counted by Bike A Thon volunteers and totals will be sent into the pledge system. Payment methods are automatically billed once results are entered into the system. All funds raised go directly back into MWS school program.
  • All participants receive a free Bike-A-Thon t-shirt. Order your child’s shirt and extras for everyone else here.
  • Check your inbox for details and to access your child’s pledge page! Printed pledge sheets are available in the front office.
  • Visit our Rally pledge page to share your child’s unique pledge page.