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Faculty Spotlight: Amanda DeNardo

Welcome Amanda DeNardo as the new Development Director at the Minnesota Waldorf School!

Born in Spokane, WA Amanda went to college at the University of Central Arkansas (Scottie Pippin’s Alma Mater) where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education. Amanda stayed in Arkansas after graduating where she taught 7th grade inclusion math for 4 years. In 2016, Amanda Relocated to Phoenix to work for a multi-million dollar international roofing company where she met her partner and started a family. They soon relocated to Minnesota to be closer to her partner’s family.

Amanda discovered MWS this spring after deciding to start a family garden and coming across our plant sale. After feeling a deep connection to the school’s mission and pedagogy she could see a place in our community for herself and her family. Amanda is passionate about child development, nurturing tiny humans in body+mind+soul and making education accessible to all.

You can expect to hear from Amanda before events and during her monthly Development Updates. She is looking forward to working with individual donors, foundations, and sponsors in order to support the School’s long-term financial wellbeing.

Join us in welcoming Amanda to our community!