Tuition and Fees


New Student Application Fee   (due with application, non-refundable)   $50

Enrollment Deposit  The non-refundable enrollment deposit of $350 per family holds your child’s space in the class and will be applied to the total tuition amount.

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payments**
Grades 1-8 $14,425 $1,280**
Preschool 2-day morning program
Not eligible for tuition assistance 
$4,700 $395**
Kindergarten 3-day morning program
Not eligible for tuition assistance 
$6,935 $599**
Kindergarten 5-day morning program $10,320 $906**
*Preschool or Kindergarten 1 afternoon $725 $66
*Preschool or Kindergarten 2 afternoons $1,415 $129
 *Kindergarten 3 afternoons $2,140 $195
 *Kindergarten 4 afternoons $2,845 $259
 *Kindergarten 5 afternoons $3,555 $323

** Calculation of monthly payments includes subtraction of $350.00 non-refundable enrollment deposit. Monthly payments shown here are prorated over an 11- month period, from July 2018 to May 2019. We will also offer options to pay in 10 monthly payments (July to April), 2 payments July and Jan), and 1 full payment (July). Tuition for students who receive an agreement after the start of the payment cycle in July, will receive a modified tuition agreement with payments prorated over the number of remaining months of the billing cycle and final payment being due in May.

*Students may only attend Preschool or Kindergarten afternoons on days when they are attending the morning program.

Tuition Assistance is only available for Grades 1-8 and for the Kindergarten 5-day Morning Program.

Sibling discount of 7.0% of total tuition will be given to families who pay full tuition and enroll two or more students in the 5- day morning kindergarten program or grades 1-8.

Enrollment Change Requests

Enrollment change requests, to a completed tuition agreement, will incur a $75.00 administrative fee, for first event,  and $150.00 administrative fee for any event thereafter.

Withdrawal Policy

Notice of intention to withdraw must be sent in writing to the business office. Refunds are prorated weekly, and parents/guardians are liable for 100% of the tuition for the period the child was enrolled, and 10% of the tuition due for the balance of the year. Enrollment may be canceled prior to June 1, 2017 (for 2017-2018 school; year) without penalty. Enrollment cancelled between June 1 and the start of school will be charged 5% of the full tuition amount. Mid-year enrollment may be cancelled within 7 days following the student’s start date without penalty minus the enrollment deposit.

Late Fees

A late fee of $29 is applied to TADS billing accounts if payment is not received within five days of invoice due date.

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Additional Expenses

Instrument Rental and Lessons

Starting in grade 3, students learn to play a viola, violin or cello. Parents are responsible for purchasing or renting an instrument. In 4th through 8th grade, students are required to take private lessons in addition to the music classes taught in school.

Extended Care is available both before and after the normal school day for Kindergarten and Grades students. Cost is $7.00/hour for pre-registered weekly/monthly; $8.00/hour for pre-in registered daily, and $10.50/hour for drop-in.

Sports-MWS is a member of the League of Independent Sports Teams (L.I.S.T.) MWS has eliminated the 6-8th grade sports fees to ensure sports are accessible as a core part of the experience at our school.

Tutoring, special needs assessment, and Extra Lesson sessions are subsidized by the school, but fees apply.

Tuition Assistance

MWS has hired TADS ( to process tuition assistance applications. Assistance is granted for partial tuition based on financial need. Many factors are considered in determining need including family size, assets, debts and unusual expenses. Decisions are made by the Tuition Assistance Committee and all information is held in strict confidence. Please contact the Business Manager for financial aid information for the 2017-2018, or 2018-2019 school year.

Who should apply for Tuition Assistance?

Families who foresee difficulty paying full tuition are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance. Students must  be accepted and enrolled to the school before an award can be offered, but a financial aid assessment should be completed as soon as possible after applying. Information on completing a financial aid assessment is below.

Who is eligible? Tuition assistance is available to Grades 1-8 and 5 day Morning Kindergarten families.

How do I complete a financial aid assessment?

  1. Go directly to to create a new account or access existing account.  When prompted enter Maplewood for city where school is located to access the tuition assistance application for the Minnesota Waldorf School. Please note that TADS has a contract with MWS and results are shared only with the school. These results will go to the MWS Tuition Assistance Committee for review.
  2. Gather and submit your documentation. Typically, TADS requires your most recently filed 1040 tax form (or verification of non-filing status from the IRS), your most recent W2 statements and your most recent pay stubs as well as documentation of the stated debt on your application.

If you have any questions pertaining to tuition, tuition assistance, fees, or policies please contact our business office at 651-487-6700 ext: 205 or

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