Tuition Assistance

Students in Grades 1-8 and Kindergarteners who are 5 years old by September 1st of the school year they are enrolling for are eligible to apply for Tuition Assistance (TA). (For example, a student must be 5 years old by September 1, 2022 to be eligible to apply for TA for the 2022-2023 school year.) We are committed to economic diversity and to offering a TA program that assists families demonstrating a financial need as determined by income, family size, assets and other factors. Families who foresee difficulty paying full tuition are encouraged to apply for TA.  At the same time, we remind families that the school relies on tuition as its primary revenue source for the entire organization from facilities to program to payroll. MWS receives no outside funding for TA; all TA funds are taken directly from the school’s operating budget. We expect each family at MWS holds Waldorf education high on its list of financial priorities and pays to the maximum extent of its capability.

Tuition Assistance Overview:
MWS designates approximately 20% of the school’s operating budget for TA. For the 2021-2022 school year, 40% of our students received TA awards and the average award was $6,900.

MWS uses TADS to process TA applications and calculate demonstrated financial need. Students must be accepted and enrolled to the school before an award can be offered, and a TA application should be completed as soon as possible after applying.

To complete a TA application:

  1. Go to to create a new account or access an existing account. When prompted for the city where MWS is located, enter Maplewood to access the Tuition Assistance application for Minnesota Waldorf School. The TA application is referred to as Financial Aid Assessment in TADS. It is confidential and is only shared with the schools that you authorize.
  2. Gather and submit your documentation. See FAQs for a list of required documentation.

TA Important Dates:

December 30, 2021TA applications open through TADS at Families should have their documentation in hand to complete the application (see FAQs for a list of required documentation). Note: TADS will accept 2020 tax information until April 15, 2022. Please submit no later than Feb 24, 2022
March 7, 2022Families must receive email confirmation from TADS that their TA application is complete by this date. After submitting your application, it is common for TADS to ask for further information/documentation (usually via email). Please reply to TADS within 24 hours, and ensure that you are checking the email address you have provided to TADS daily. TADS can take up to 12 business days to process an application once all documents have been received. Families that miss the March 1st deadline will be considered for TA only if funds are available.
April 18, 2022Families whose applications meet the March 7, 2022 deadline will receive their Tuition Agreement (stating the amount of their TA award).
April 25, 2022Accepted Tuition Agreements are due from families (submit acceptance through TADS).

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I tell if my situation demonstrates a need for TA?

Because each family has a unique financial situation, it is difficult to give concrete rules/examples for who will qualify for TA and at what level. To give you some idea of whether or not your family would qualify, consider that for the 2021-2022 school year, nearly all families awarded TA had taxable income of less than $140,000, over 70% had a taxable income of less than $100,000, and about 55% had a taxable income of less than $75,000.

How do I apply for TA?

See “To complete a TA application” section, above. Apply for TA as soon as possible. It is common for TADS to come back and ask for further information. If they do, you should reply within 24 hours to help ensure that you meet the March 1 st application completion deadline. Provide TADS with an email address that you check daily. Their follow up questions will be sent to the email address you provide to them. Your demonstrated financial need cannot be calculated by TADS until your application is 100% complete.

What documentation is needed to complete the TA application in TADS?

  • Most recent 1040 Tax Form
  • Recent W2 statements
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Documentation of debt (including but not limited to home mortgage information including property value, car loan information including Kelly Blue Book values, credit card balances)
  • Utility bills for the entire year (electric, gas, water/sewage)
  • Retirement account information (401K, IRAs, stocks, personal and employer supported)
  • Medical expenses/debt (including health insurance premiums)
  • Childcare expenses
  • Child support information
  • Charitable giving information

Please note that the Supplemental Questions within the TA application will require further documentation.

What can I do to ensure that the TA application process goes smoothly?

Complete your portion of the application as early as possible to ensure a smooth process. Please review the “TA Important Dates” section. TA applications are open through TADS on 12/30/21 and applications must be marked complete by TADS by 3/7/22. Have all of your documentation in hand at the start of applying for TA in TADS. If your application meets the March 7 st completion deadline, you will be notified of your TA award amount by 4/25/22.

What if I’m a new family applying for TA after the TA Important Dates have passed?

TA is still available for new families who enroll after the TA Important Dates have passed. If you are applying outside of our regular TA application period, apply for TA as soon as possible. It can take TADS several weeks to process your TA application, particularly if they require you to provide further documentation, so it is in your best interest to complete the TA application early on.

Do I need to apply for TA each year?

Yes. A family’s demonstrated financial need and our school’s TA budget can fluctuate from year to year. Each family is required to apply for TA annually.

What school-related expenses does TA cover?

TA awards cover a portion of the tuition at MN Waldorf School. If a student receives Reading, Math or Extra Lesson tutoring, the family will incur additional fees for tutoring and will receive the same discount for these services as they do for tuition. For example, if you receive assistance of 20% of tuition, you will get a 20% discount off of the tutoring list price. TA does not cover the cost of Extended Care, and there is no discount for this service based on a family’s TA award.

Whom can I contact for assistance with/questions regarding TA?

For specific questions about your TADS application, please call a TADS representative at 612-548-3320. For general MWS TA policy questions, please contact JoLynn Schulte, Business Manager. Email:; Phone: 651-395-7073.