2016 Summer Camp Information

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 Summer time, the best time to be a kid!

Join us for good, old-fashioned summer fun at Minnesota Waldorf School summer camp. Outdoor games, natural crafts, water play, gardening, caring for the school’s chickens, and much more, all on our beautiful 8 acre campus.

Weekly registration between JUNE 13th through AUGUST 26th

Summer Camp 2016 Information
Further information for Group B (3rd Grade – 6th Grade) – If your child is in a different grade, either a little older, or younger and you would like to see if it would be possible for them to join the older group, please e-mail Isaac Maier (Lead Summer Camp Teacher): isaacmaier@gmail.com AND Emily Rhodes (Enrollment Coordinator for Summer Camp): elrhodes1996@gmail.com
Along with the wonderful play outside and in, we are so excited to offer a multitude of exciting themes and activities for children to do here at summer camp! Here’s a detailed list of some of the upcoming weeks/activities:

*Please note, the following themes pertain to the older group only.  (See below for a description of younger children’s activities).

(July 5th – July 8th) – Wind, Earth, Play with Elements
Children will make: “quicksand”, bouncy putty, a bull roar, & use magnets!

(July 11th – July 15th) – Maps & Treasure
Children will make pirate maps, and treasure boxes, use compasses, find buried “treasure,” & go on scavenger hunts!

(July 18th – July 22nd) – Fairies & Gnome House Building
Children will make their own gnome/fairy houses, fairies, and gnomes to bring home with them!

(July 25th – July 29th) – Birds, Bugs, & Butterflies
Children will build their own butterfly house and paint it, learn about monarchs, make pine cone birdfeeders, wool birds and a clay bug house!

(August 1st – August 5th) – Baking Week
Children will bake all kinds of goodies, from cookies to pizza, cinnamon rolls and more!

(August 8th – August 12th) – Paper Week
Children will learn how to make animals and boxes as well as other origami-like items out of paper!

(August 15th – August 19th) – Water Week FINALLY!!!
Children will spend plenty of time in water this week, from the slip ‘n slide to the sprinkler, and also work with ice! On the Thursday of this week (the 18th) we will go to Lake McCarrons, rain check on Friday, August 19th.

(August 22nd- August 26th) – Outdoor Skills
Children will learn how to whittle and make their own sling shots, they will then learn how to gather wood, build a fire and make s’mores, as well as stick weaving!

Group A (Early Childhood – 2nd Grade)

Play is at the center of the Minnesota Waldorf School’s younger children’s summer camp.  We look forward to sharing a fun, yet enriching time with your children.  We spend each day enjoying the outdoors in our beautiful setting, while having a daily and weekly rhythm that nurtures the younger child.

Morning activities include the care of the chickens, gardening, cooking and baking and outdoor play.  The children have set up a habitat for the many frogs that have visited us.  Every day we have a summer nature story told by the teacher and a circle full of summer songs and games.  Our afternoons include lunch and rest, outdoor play and handcrafts.  The children are making colorful felt necklaces and felt flying birds.  As the children make new friends, we have formed a warm caring summer family.

We truly hope that after reading about all the fun, exciting themes and activities upcoming at summer camp, you consider sending your child to such a worthwhile place as the Minnesota Waldorf School this summer.


2, 3 and 4 day options added, afternoon-only option removed. Age range extended to include rising 6th graders.

• 5 Full Day 8:00 – 5:00  $275.00 per week

• 5 Morning Half Day  8:00  –  12:30    $150.00 per week

• 4 Full Day (M,T,W,Th only) 8:00 – 5:00 $220.00 per week

• 4 Morning Half Day (M,T,W,Th only) 8:00  –  12:30  $120.00 per week

• 3 Full Day (M,T,W only)  8:00 – 5:00 $165.00  per week

• 3 Morning Half Day (M,T,W only) 8:00  –  12:30  $90.00 per week

• 2 Full Day (Th, Fri only) 8:00 – 5:00  $110 per week

• 2 Half Day (Th, Fri only) 8:00 – 12:30   $60 per week

For children ages 3.5  to (rising) 6th grade


Minnesota Waldorf School will not issue refunds for unused, registered days of summer camp. Up until June 1, 2016, you may adjust the week/s of attendance by completing the  Summer Camp change form.

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For questions, contact enrollment@mnwaldorf.org or call 651-487-6700 x202