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Lara Brackett

Lara grew up in Winona, MN and holds a BFA in Theatre as well as an MSEd in Elementary Education with a specialization in Waldorf methods.  She spent much of her 20’s in the Chicago arts and theatre scene, and after completing her master’s degree she took her first class at the Chicago Waldorf School, where she taught until 2012. 

After taking some time away from teaching to run an organic farm and have her two children, she was very happy to return to Minnesota and to Waldorf education when she joined MWS in 2014. Her passions as an educator include fostering emotional intelligence, nurturing children’s mental wellness, and teaching towards racial and social justice. 

Lara lives in St. Paul with her two children and two cats and enjoys music, gardening, spending time in nature, and enjoying all types of food.