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Jessica Blosberg

Hello! My name is Jessica Blosberg and I am the Enrollment Director at Minnesota Waldorf School. I have the privilege of meeting new families when they are first exploring our school and community. As an alumna of the school, I enjoy sharing my 5 years of stories and experiences from my time as a student. New families are welcome to meet with me for a virtual chat or in-person tour. We also have multiple open house and community events each school year.
Minnesota Waldorf School has felt like home for me since I started there as a student in 2003. My siblings also started at MWS at this time and enjoyed many wonderful years at the school. As an alumna of the class of 2008, I am honored to share my experiences and stories with new families. My role as the Enrollment Director is one of great responsibility as I introduce prospective students and their families to our unique school.

I enjoy working with others to create a better world for everyone through innovation, education, and passion. My career experiences are in education, guest services, and research, with interests in combating food and water issues globally. From my time as a student at MWS, I have continued to enjoy studying French and have also added German lessons to my days. I look forward to meeting or talking with you again soon!