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Amy Rodrigue

Amy was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois where she was quite fond of solitary afternoons in the prairie.  She was  always ready for a snack after climbing in the apple tree with cinnamon sugar and a knife in her dress pocket!  She attended catholic schools and enjoyed dancing ballet, playing softball, working on crafts, and baking and sewing with her family.  Her love of teaching began early with her siblings in the basement using their cinder block wall as a blackboard.  She was even known to give homework to some very dear family friends and employees.  

After leaving high-school, Amy headed to Gustavus Adolphus College and majored in everything.  She eventually wrote enough papers to graduate and earn her BA with majors in Environmental Science and Biology and minors in English, Theatre and Dance, and GLBT and Women’s Studies.  (She believes this is where she received her “Waldorf” education!) Amy was a leader in the GLBT rights and Peer Mentoring groups on campus and brought the Safe Zone Program to the school where it is still running strong today.  

Amy would have preferred to stay in school forever, so she went to the University of Minnesota to work on her Masters of Education.  While doing this work she worked with special needs students in the public schools in Minnesota. Her father called for some help and she returned to Joliet to work with her family.  After completing her Masters and beginning Mortuary school, Amy finally found her Waldorf training institute in Chicago!  While working as a grief educator and death doula, she finished the three year training program through Arcturus and graduated about 6 months before her son, Sasha, was born.  

Once Sasha was born, Amy became the CEO of Tezak’s Home to Celebrate Life and implemented many community based programs that might look familiar to our Waldorf families!  Sasha began Parent-Tot at the Waldorf School of DuPage and continued to attend their Kindergarten.  Amy kept finding ways to create new children’s groups for grief and loss, creating seasonal festivals for families to celebrate, and bringing Waldorf and Anthroposohical traditions to our families.  After several years as a CEO, It was even more clear that she needed to get to the classroom!  Amy left the funeral home and began teaching as a long-term substitute and working at the front desk of the Waldorf School of DuPage.  Then, as we all know, life can change in an instant… We found ourselves moving to a family farm in Minnesota!  Amy utilized her special education background and worked again in the public schools in Saint Francis, Minnesota.  Then, soon after, we found our new home at the Minnesota Waldorf School!

Amy is passionate about helping families and students find balance, peace, truth, beauty, and joy so that we can be strong together, working as a community to improve and elevate all people. Through her experiences growing up in south Chicago-land, and with the GLBT community, her opportunities to travel and experience cultures throughout the world, and her direct work with thousands of families of all walks of life experiencing grief and loss, she has become an ever stronger advocate for social justice, equality, and equanimity in thought and action.  Amy also still enjoys crafting, cooking, and sewing with her family!  She looks forward to her annual Boundary Waters camping trip, the first snow, and the first snowdrop every year.