Faculty and Staff

Waldorf faculty members are a varied and dedicated group of individuals. They have come to the school with valuable life experience in fields outside of teaching, such as art, music, business, theater and sports. Many have taught previously in the public school system or in other private schools. Each of our teachers has participated in formal training at a recognized Waldorf teacher training center in the United States or in Europe.

In all Waldorf schools, a class teacher works with the same group of children for a number of years — ideally from first through eighth grade — monitoring each child’s academic achievement and striving to help each student achieve their full potential. As the teachers’ knowledge of the children deepens through the years, they are in an ideal position to contribute to the healthy intellectual, emotional and social development of each child. Through the challenge of teaching a new curriculum each year, the class teachers bring interest and enthusiasm to their work, and as students observe the teacher personalizing the world of knowledge, they grow in confidence that they, too, can master the many subjects before them.

Early Childhood

Growing Together Parent-Tot Class, Brenda Haak
Kindergarten, Mary Lou Bala
Brenda Haak
Kindergarten, Eileen McMonigal

Miss Mary Lou’s Kindergarten Assistant, To Be Announced
Miss Mary Lou’s Extended Day,
Sara Homstad
Miss Brenda’s Kindergarten, Extended Day and Parent-Tot Assistant,
 Kerry Bradley Joly
Miss Eileen’s Kindergarten Assistant, Kristen Brenner
Miss Eileen’s Extended Day, To Be Announced

Grades One through Eight

Grade One, Lara Brackett
Grade Two,
Marjorie Maier
Grade Three, Johanna Garcia
Grade Four, David Maier
Grade Five, Kirsten Riehle
Grade Six, Jennifer Holt
Grade Seven, Gideon Weick

Subject Teachers

Handwork, Joyce Olson-Kapell
Movement and Woodworking, Kurt Curtin
French, Kathleen Regan-Anderson
String Ensemble, Chris Brown
Recorder Ensemble, Sarah Erickson Lume
Choir, Anna Dains
Upper Grades Math Teacher & Tutor, Kit Canright


Administrative Director, Frances Kane
Business Manager, JoLynn Schulte
Development Director, Ed Nelsen
Bookkeeper, Denise Harrison
Student Services Coordinator, Amy Martel
Enrollment & Outreach Coordinator, Vaara Ostrin
Building Manager, Craig Wenberg
School Nurse (from District #623)