Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an important part of life here at the Minnesota Waldorf School.

As you may know, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating our children. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible in order to make every effort to welcome all families who want this special education. We want a broad, diverse and embracing environment!

We want to welcome every single child we can because this is more than just a private school education! This is bigger than your child or mine. Minnesota Waldorf School is about a cause and a purpose and a legacy.

Our experiential curriculum creates an educational adventure that inspires our students to evolve into creative thinkers who are personally centered and strongly connected to humanity and the environment. We help foster a child’s innate natural curiosity and love of learning. They trust their own instincts and think for themselves. They become brilliant, compassionate, imaginative, confident and independent thinking adults. They develop the capacity to think the thoughts and see the possibilities where others cannot see out of the box.

We know that children learn best when they are out in nature and engage in free and unencumbered play. We know children learn best when they are developmentally ready and that integrating music, art and handwork are as important to a child’s growth as the three Rs. These are the same principles that are promoted and practiced everyday in Waldorf schools around the world and have been for almost 100 years.

This place is more than just a school, it is our community and an extension of our homes, values and principles.

We all need this place to thrive, not just for our children here today, but for those who are coming.

Please support the education you love and know that by contributing to this school and it's mission, you truly are changing the world one amazing child at a time.

Thank you for choosing to be part of this wonderful community and your continued support.

Annual Fund FAQs

Q. How can I give to the annual fund?
A. For your convenience we’ve partnered with Razoo to accept your secure online donation. A donation through Razoo streamlines the receipt of your gift, save us processing time, and helps to ensure accuracy.

Of course you can also mail your donation to the school or drop off your donation in person at Minnesota Waldorf School, 70 East County Road B, Saint Paul, MN 55117

Q. Why do we hold an Annual Fund campaign each year?
A. The reality is that tuition and fees cover only 85% of our annual operating budget. This is not unique to MWS and is typical of all private K-8 schools. The Annual Fund, along with other fundraising activities such as events and the school store, help to make up the shortfall.

Q. Is it possible to give monthly?
A. It’s not only possible, we encourage it! Sustainable, monthly giving helps ease the monthly financial ups and downs by providing a stable, predictable income stream.

Did you know? For less than a $1 per day ($25 per month) you can become a monthly sustainable supporter and help ensure that MWS continues to offer the finest educational experience in the TwinCities.

Q. Can others support our Annual Fund campaign?
A. Yes! Everyone can make a difference. A significant portion of Annual Fund donations are received from generous grandparents and extended family members, alumni families and friends, in recognition of the impact that Waldorf education has on all of our children and our world.

Q. Do you accept gifts of stocks and other funds?
A. Yes! Please speak with our Business Manager for details on how to gift these types of donations at 651-487-6700 ext: 205 or

Q. I’d love to help but don’t have excess funds at this time. What can I do?
A. We’re sensitive to economic challenges that our community faces and sincerely appreciate even the smallest gifts.

The average American household is expected to save $750 this year from lower gas prices, according to the Energy Department. If each family were able to divert this savings to the Minnesota Waldorf School, we would exceed our financial goals by more that 150% - all without any loss in living standard!

Remember, for less than a $1 per day ($25 per month) you can become a monthly sustainable supporter of MWS. Why not start your annual fund monthly giving today? Simply click on the Donate Now button on this page to begin.

For more information or questions on the Annual Fund, please contact Ed Nelsen at