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Maechy Speaks: Ode to Summer

Oh Summer, how I welcome thee, I lie under a bare tree, longing for your warm embrace. The very thought of you makes me feel complete. I anticipate you radiating energy from within me, making me feel content and whole.
~ Maechy

After a stimulating and exhausting year, if you are like me, you are counting down the days to the start of the summer vacation. I spend hours thinking and planning (in my head) all of the wonderful things, some of which we will probably not do, but that is ok. That is part of the anticipation for the next three months. This is the time of year when we do a reset as a family. Collectively we discuss what we feel went well and we also discuss what we feel NEEDS TO CHANGE! This is an evolving discussion; it changes according to the day’s emotions.
In our family, we make a list of “summer wishes” with no limits we like to dream big. We then put our pieces of paper in a box and everyone gets to pull one wish. I know you are thinking what if the wish is something out of reach? Well, we come as close to the experience as we can. For example, one year my son was curious about the story of Noah. That was a tricky one, I would have loved to travel back to biblical times but since my time machine was out getting repaired, we did the next best thing, we drove to Williamstown, Kentucky, and visited the Ark Encounter. It is a 510-foot Ark that takes you back in time. (I highly recommend this to anyone who is a history buff) So you see, part of the fun is creating the experience together. I do have “rules” the experience has to be within reason. I have to admit, so far, the most requested has been no dishes and staying up late. Both of which I am happy to accommodate.

We also use the summer break to heal our hearts from perceived hurts and disappointments and any loss we may have suffered during the year. This practice is so special to me this is when our hearts and spirit grow. A time when we all ask for and give forgiveness. This allows me to teach my children that life is not fixed and our choices can always be changed if we are willing to do a little self-reflection. Love heals everything! The world in experiences is truly limitless.

Here are my 5 main points to help kick off our summer adventure. Hopefully, these ideas can be helpful for everyone to incorporate into their “start of summer” traditions. Wishing you all a fantastic and safe summer break! Keep in mind that it is not the busyness and activity that create memories, but rather the intentional relaxation of a leisurely summer day spent basking in the sun without any specific goals or intentions.

1. Finding Joy in Everyday Moments: Embracing the Summer Spirit
2. Unconventional Family Bonding: Creating Summer Wishes and Memories
3. The Healing Power of Summer: Nurturing Hearts and Spirits
4. Embracing Change: Summer Reset and Reflection
5. Unleashing Boundless Experiences: Making the Most of Summer Vacation

With heartfelt gratitude to Olivia Dropps, Vanessa Ardolino and to everyone in the Waldorf community for much kindness and moral support.
Happy Summer and see you in the fall.

“Maechy, Speak,”  is a blog series written by MWS Parent Patricia Forestal-Ortiz. Patricia is mom to Earth, 7th grade, Elu, 6 th grade, Everliegh, 5th grade and grandma, AKA “Sugamama” to Kai, 2nd grade.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, guidance or just a positive pick-me-up, this blog has got you covered.  Patricia’s name holds a special connection to her maternal grandmother, Mercedes, affectionately known as Maechy. Through “Maechy, Speak,” Patricia honors her grandmother’s legacy and wisdom, carrying forth her spirit and teachings in a heartfelt tribute. Join Patricia Maechy Forestal-Ortiz every Monday starting March 11th for an incredible journey of growth, inspiration, and positivity along with a few tips on how to be the best version of you! Check it out and let your spirit soar!