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Maechy Speaks: To Receive


Allowing ourselves to receive care from others is just as important as giving it.

Receive: To take or get something that is given, “get” “be given” or “be the recipient”

I woke up on March 29th feeling thrilled about my day. It was the day I had celebrated for many
years as the “giving birth day” of my firstborn, Keena. It was also the day I was to drive my two
Sugababies to Wisconsin Dells to hand them over to their aunt and dad for the Spring break.
Needless to say, I was eager to start my day. As I was getting ready to load up the truck, I felt a
mild pain in my left knee. I didn’t think much of it, but as the day went on, the pain got more
intense. Long story short, I went to see an orthopedic doctor, had the x-ray and ultrasound
done, and voila, I had a Baker’s Cyst. Or better yet, a Baker’s Cyst had me! My wings were

I had three options, none of which were appealing: first, the RICE method – rest, ice,
compression, and elevation; second, a Cortisone shot; third, surgery. Of course, I chose the RICE
method with acupuncture (my darling firstborn gifted me a session).
During my downtime, I noticed my happy-go-lucky mood started to shift. I became frustrated,
not so much with my family, but with myself. I tried over and over to continue performing my
daily activities to no avail. I WANTED OUT OF MY BODY! So, what did I do? I went into
meditation. I asked the angels to PLEASE heal my knee. Instead of the overwhelming feeling of
yes, I hear you, I heard, “you must learn to receive” I couldn’t believe what I was
sensing. I chucked it all up to the intense pain I was experiencing. Then I took notice. Am I
pushing people away? Am I not allowing my family to care for me? Am I a “BAD” receiver? The
answer to all of that was YES! I am a “BAD” receiver.

It took a moment for me to truly understand what was happening. I realized the most
uncomfortable part of this experience was not the physical pain but the letting go and
receiving. I now had to reflect inwardly and be honest with myself about what message I was
sending to my children. As we all know, it is our actions that make the most impact, not our
words. I was feeling deflated and not useful.

Once I let go of “EGO” I was able to open up and share my feelings with my family and some of
the parents at school, and to my surprise, every single person I spoke with had to learn the
same lesson. I was not alone. I was a great giver but not a great receiver. In the words of one of
my favorite authors, Florence Scovel Shinn, "Giving opens the way for receiving."
As a woman, I can confidently say that being a loving wife, mother, and daughter is a full-time
job. We dedicate ourselves to nurturing our families, making sure they are happy and healthy.
However, it is important to note that we don’t have to be on the go 24/7 to fulfill these roles.
Allowing ourselves to receive care from others is just as important as giving it.

It is a way of showing our loved ones that we trust them and believe in their abilities to take care of us.
Besides, receiving care from others provides us with much-needed rest, allowing us to recharge
and be more present for our families. It also teaches our loved ones invaluable lessons about
the importance of selflessness and empathy. By allowing them to care for us, we show them
that it is okay to ask for help and that it is important to take care of those we love.
In conclusion, as caregivers, we need to give ourselves permission to receive care and love from
others. It is not a sign of weakness but rather a way of showing our loved ones that we value
them and trust them. If you are going through the journey of learning how to receive, know
that letting go and not having unrealistic expectations of yourself is the first step. Now that I am
free from the guilt of “sitting down” and being “still” I may never go back to being that
overstretched, tired all the time, getting little sleep Super Woman. Come to think of it,

With much affection,
Maechy 4/29

“The greatest gift that you can give another person is to gracefully receive whatever it is
that they want to give us.”
Fred Rogers

“Maechy, Speak,”  is a blog series written by MWS Parent Patricia Forestal-Ortiz. Patricia is mom to Earth, 7th grade, Elu, 6 th grade, Everliegh, 5th grade and grandma, AKA “Sugamama” to Kai, 2nd grade.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, guidance or just a positive pick-me-up, this blog has got you covered.  Patricia’s name holds a special connection to her maternal grandmother, Mercedes, affectionately known as Maechy. Through “Maechy, Speak,” Patricia honors her grandmother’s legacy and wisdom, carrying forth her spirit and teachings in a heartfelt tribute. Join Patricia Maechy Forestal-Ortiz every Monday starting March 11th for an incredible journey of growth, inspiration, and positivity along with a few tips on how to be the best version of you! Check it out and let your spirit soar!