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Kim John Payne Lecture: Soothing Anxiety in Early Tweens and Teen Years

All are welcome to tune into a special Zoom lecture “Soothing Anxiety and Controlling Behavior in Early, Tween and Teen Years,” 7-8:30 pm Monday, May 8th, with “Simplicity Parenting” author Kim John Payne. Access details will be announced soon. If you are interested in participating, please email Ms Vanessa.

Balancing our children’s lives has never been easy, and recently this has gotten a whole lot harder. Understandably, anxiety, fears can often lead to over controlling behavior. While this is no one’s fault it becomes more and more important to ease the pressure in small do-able ways that feel good for the whole family.
In this presentation we will explore…

  • How to regain and retain what is developmentally and emotionally healthy for our kids
  • Creatively dealing with the new normal of the too much, too soon culture
  • Understanding the brain and nervous system reaction to overwhelm
  • Soothing “Soul Fever” so that the gifts our kids have within them can flow
  • Creating a “Safe Harbor” within family life so our kids can navigate life “out there” in a changing world
Visit Payne’s website to learn more about him and his publications.