2022 Summer Camp Registration – Step One

Family/Child Information Form

Complete the form below so that we have you and your child’s information on file for Summer Camp 2022. Be sure to read the terms and conditions lower on this page. You’ll only need to complete this form once. Then you can order Summer Camp registrations as needed, using the button above.


Minnesota Waldorf School 2022 Summer Camp Terms and Conditions

  1. Camp fees are due, in full, at the time of registration. The deadline for registration is 11:59 pm, 8 days prior to the start of each camp week. For example, if you are signing up for camp the week of July 25-29, then registration needs to be completed by 11:59 pm Sunday, July 17.
  2. Drop-in care or same-day registration is NOT available.
  3. Camp registration is charged per session and payment and registration is non-transferable to other parties, or for other services. Charges will not be prorated by day, or hour.
  4. At the end of each camp day children must be picked up on or before the time their camp session ends. Late pickup will result in a late fee billed at $1.00 per minute, which will begin one minute after the registered pick-up time, ex. billing for 3:30 pm pick up will begin at 3:31pm.
  5. A $50 change fee for each occurrence will be assessed to switch registered camp week(s) or decrease the number of days your child(ren) attends. Addition of time and or days must be paid in full at minimum two days prior to the date of service. ALL changes must be made at least thirty days prior to the start of a session and are allowed only as space permits and at the discretion of MWS staff.
  6. Refunds for cancellations made at least thirty days prior to the start of a session will be issued, LESS a $100.00 cancellation fee. (Please allow up to 6 weeks for refund requests to be processed.) No refunds will be issued within 30 days of a registered camp week.
  7. There will be no refunds or makeups for absences, illnesses, vacations, cancellations due to weather, or late matriculation. With the exception of students who are required to quarantine due to a positive Covid-10 test, or exposure to a positive Covid-19 case as described in the “MWS 2022 Summer Camp COVID-19 Protocols “ These students will be given the opportunity to make up missed camp days.
  8. In the event MWS the State or Federal Government, CDC, or MDH deems it unsafe to be on campus families will be notified and makeup weeks will be considered.
  9. It is the responsibility of the guardian to indicate on the Family/Child Information form any diagnoses or conditions that may necessitate extra accommodations or one-on-one care. In the event that our program cannot accommodate your child’s individual needs, or your child cannot be successful in our environment, we reserve the right to discontinue registration immediately.
  10. All campers must be able to use the bathroom 100% independently.
  11. All medications (prescription and over the counter) must be turned in to camp staff upon arrival and include instructions. Medication will be dispensed either by camp staff or Minnesota Waldorf School administrative staff. Do not send medications to summer camp without informing the camp counselor.
  12. Families whose children have severe allergies must inform MWS and complete an allergy plan for their child.
  13. Children must stay home for the following:
    Varicella (chicken pox)
    Fever over 100 F
    Diarrhea or vomiting
    Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    Strep throat
    COVID-19 ( please see number 15 for MWS Covid-19 protocols)
    Children may return to summer camp once they have been free of the illness or condition for twenty-four hours without medication.
  14. If your child develops a fever of 100 F or greater, vomits, or is too sick to participate in summer camp, you will be notified to pick up your child. If you cannot be reached, your emergency contacts will be notified.
  15. Please see the attached documents for guidelines and protocols for Minnesota Waldorf School’s summer camp during Covid-19. Because of the ever-changing nature of this novel pandemic these policies, procedure and guidelines may be updated from time to time. Revisions will be communicated to all registered families and will be posted on the MWS website in the Covid-19 Information page. Minnesota Waldorf requires that all students, families, and employees abide by these guidelines and policies. MWS Covid Guidelines .
  16. Please label all clothing and other belongings that are brought to camp and leave all valuables at home. Minnesota Waldorf School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  17. Electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Please leave all mobile phones, e-readers, tablets, computers, etc. at home.
  18. We strive to provide all children attending summer camp with a safe, secure, and relaxed experience. Our goal is to create an environment of mutual respect where all students can participate equally and enjoy the experience. For the enjoyment and safety of all, your child must be able to meet the following behavioral expectations as described in the following document. Behavorial Policy
  19. Minnesota Waldorf School reserves the right to cancel the registration of any camper whose actions are deemed dangerous or disruptive. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof, will be made.
  20. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their camper is dropped off with a camp counselor and for signing their children in and out of summer camp.
  21. By accepting the above Terms and Conditions as described above, I confirm that my child has permission to participate in all camp programs, camp trips, and special outings planned and supervised by Minnesota Waldorf School summer camp staff.
  22. I understand that participation in camps conducted by Minnesota Waldorf School (“MWS Camp”), including all activities and use of MWS facilities and equipment, involves an inherent and unavoidable risk of injuries, harm, and loss. I understand that although MWS takes precautions to provide proper organization, supervision, and equipment, it is impossible for MWS to guarantee absolute safety. I understand there are numerous risks associated with participating in MWS Camps, including but not limited to, the use of the playground, camp-provided food, participation in sports and active games, sewing and knitting activities, and baking activities. These are some, but not all, of the risks inherent in MWS Camp activities; a complete listing of inherent risks is not possible, and some risks cannot be anticipated.
  23. I authorize the child/children named in this registration to participate in MWS camps and all activities associated with MWS Camps. On my own behalf and on behalf of the child/children named in this registration, I ACKNOWLEDGE THE RISKS associated with participation in MWS Camps and expressly and voluntarily assume the risks of participation in the MWS Camps and HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE ALL CLAIMS, DEMANDS, ACTIONS, CAUSES OF ACTION, COSTS, LOSSES, EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES (“CLAIMS”) (WHETHER ON BEHALF OF THE CHILD/CHILDREN NAMED IN THIS REGISTRATION OR FOR MY OWN BENEFIT) AGAINST MWS (INCLUDING ITS STAFF, EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS) THAT MAY ARISE FROM INJURIES, HARM, OR LOSS RESULTING FROM PARTICIPATION IN THE CAMPS AND ACTIVITIES OPERATED BY MWS, INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) ANY CLAIMS ALLEGING NEGLIGENCE BY THE CAMP (INCLUDING ITS STAFF, EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS), to the fullest extent allowed under the laws of Minnesota.
  24. I acknowledge that I understand the risks of exposure of contagious diseases, including the novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID-19”), and that attendance at MWS Camp presents a risk of exposure to contagious diseases, including COVID-19. I understand that the child/children named in this registration participation in MWS Camp is fully voluntary, and that MWS does not warrant or represent the safety of me or the child/children named in this registration by its hosting of camp or by using safety protocols and that I am not relying on MWS’s use of protocols to ensure safety of myself or the child/children named in this registration I, FOR MYSELF, AND THE CHILD/CHILDREN NAMED IN THIS REGISTRATION, ASSUME ALL RISK FROM SUCH EXPOSURE OR INFECTION, INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY, ILLNESS, PERMANENT DISABILITY, MEDICAL COSTS, AND DEATH.
  25. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Minnesota, U.S.A. without regard to conflict of laws or provisions.
  26. In the event any suit or other action is commenced to construe or enforce any provision of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be awarded reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, in addition to all other relief to which such party shall be entitled.