School Governance

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school responsible for the financial health and legal standing of the school. The Board meets monthly, and the dates are published in the school newsletter (Update). Please contact the Board Chair (  if you have questions, you would like to make an agenda request, or you plan to attend a meeting.


Acting Board Chair
Ben Richards
Ben is an IT Consultant specializing in strategic planning, process development and technology project management. He has served as the Parent Council chair for 3+ years and is the parent of two current MWS students.

Treasurer/Operations Committee Chair
Tim Kane


Faculty Chair & College Member
Jennifer Bishop

College Chair
Brenda Haak

Parent Council Chair
Rosemary Velez

Board Members At Large

John Fuller
John has been a supporter of Waldorf education in the Twin Cities since 1979. He is a former Waldorf school administrator and has worked for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. He has been a student of Rudolf Steiner’s work since the 1970’s and has taught Waldorf teacher training classes for Novalis Institute since 2003. He is a former coordinator of the local branch of the Anthroposophical Society and continues to be active in the branch and School of Spiritual Science. John spent over 20 years as an information technology professional in higher education.

Albert Linderman
Albert pastored two churches, is a former university department chair, the CEO of Sagis Corporation and an Anthroposophical author. He is a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America, is active in the Minnesota branch, and is the convener of an Anthroposophical study group. He is also the father of two grown children.

Tom Schooley
Tom currently works as the E-commerce Lead for Honeywell’s ECC Division. He’s a former small business owner and digital marketing consultant. He also volunteers time to outdoor related nonprofits including the Mesaba Cooperative Park – where he served as Board Chair and Board member. He is the father of two current MWS students.

Bruce Dunlop
Bruce has been an electrical engineer for over 25 years. He has served four years on the MWS Finance committee, with two years as chair. He also served as a Board Member and the Finance Chair for the Spring Hill Waldorf School. He is the parent of two MWS students.

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College of Teachers

The College of Teachers works to hold the spirit of the Minnesota Waldorf School. Their primary duty is to oversee all pedagogical and curriculum related aspects of the school. The College meets weekly on Tuesdays. The following is a list of College members:

College Chair, Brenda Haak
Mary Lou Bala
Marjorie Maier
Eileen McMonigal
Gideon Weick

Parent Council

Mission Statement: To support and develop the well being of the Community.

The Parent Council serves as a facilitator to enhance parents’ communication within each of the classes, in the school community and with its governing bodies. We support parent initiatives and hold the community life of the school.

Parent Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and archives are posted in the Update.

Parent Council Chair, Vaara Ostrin

Parent Class Representatives
First Grade, tba
Second Grade, tba
Third Grade, tba
Fourth Grade, tba
Fifth Grade, tba
Sixth Grade, tba
Seventh Grade, tba
Eighth Grade, tba

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Governance Structure

The governance structure of the Minnesota Waldorf School (MWS) is made up of four decision-making bodies: Board, College, faculty, Parent Council and administration. The four bodies share responsibilities for both the long-term planning and day-to-day management of the school with specific areas of primary responsibility. The Board is responsible for managing the economic resources; the College is responsible for upholding the pedagogy; the faculty is responsible for supporting the teaching; the Parent Council is responsible for parent input and coordination; and the administration is responsible for ensuring the balance of all these aspects of the school through communication and leadership.

These four bodies accomplish their work through specific committees. Figure 1 outlines the purpose of each body and the committees that support their work. In addition to these four governing bodies, the aparent Council is a forum for parent involvement in the school. The Parent Council has a governance role only in that the Parent Council chair serves as a trustee of the Board.

Pedagogy. Development of the Child

Purpose: Nurtures pedagogical and spiritual well-being of schoolmates


  • Educational Support – individual child special needs
  • Personnel –
    • Teacher Search
    • Teacher Development
    • Compensation

Mission: Supports well-being of individual teacher

  • Aesthetics
  • Child study
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty SupportingFestivals
  • Gardening
  • Library
  • Movement
  • Theater

Communication. Development of the Process

Purpose: Balances pedagogical and financial lives through communication and leadership

  • Administrative Director – directs administrative staff
  • Operations Manager – supports pedagogical life
  • Business Manager – supports economic life
  • Enrollment Coordinator – manages outreach efforts
  • Student Services – manages current student/family contacts
  • Development Coordinator

Mission: Provides oversight of balancing role of organizational bodies

  • College chair
  • Board chair
  • Faculty chair
  • Parent Council chair
  • Administrative director

Economics/Resources. Development of the Institution

Purpose: Oversees the financial and legal well-being of the school


  • Board Governance – assess Board effectiveness
  • Building – oversee building maintenance and projects
  • Development – manage fundraising
  • Finance – oversee budget
  • Outreach – increase public awareness of MWS

Mission: Supports and develops the well being of the community

  • Catalyst for initiatives and concerns
  • Forum for dialog
  • Build a learning community – within class and community-wide

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