Early Childhood Festivals

Seasonal rhythms are celebrated through the festivals. In autumn the class celebrates the harvest. The Harvest Mother, who brings a “bulb baby” for each child, visits each classroom. The parents join the class for the festival also. At Martinmas the children make lanterns and sing as they go on a lantern walk. Our Advent festival is celebrated at night. The children walk through a spiral of evergreens to a candle in the center. They carry a small candle in a red apple candleholder. They light their candle and return back through the spiral to place their candle along the path of the spiral to light the way. Christmas, and sometimes Hanukkah, is celebrated in a variety of ways in each kindergarten. The parents join the children for songs and a feast of shared food. The children have created simple gifts for their parents, and the teachers give small gifts to the children. Dolls from home are invited to a tea party on Valentine’s Day. A spring /Easter festival is celebrated with the parents. Wheatgrass is planted in baskets and the classes dye eggs to hang on the budding branches that decorate the rooms. The closing festival is a goodbye to the children going to first grade and to everyone else for the summer. The teachers have often performed a marionette puppet play for the children and their parents. If the weather is warm, all three kindergartens join for a picnic outside. Festival and seasons are also remembered in songs and verses. A nature table is decorated for each season and festival with treasures from nature along with other beautiful handmade objects.